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Wine Glass Decor

Posted by Midwest Design Imports, Inc.
Image Wine Glass Decor

Wine Glass Décor
24075 Fancy Glitter Bird Assortment (Purple, Turquoise, Green)- 3 (one of each color)
38769 Peacock Eye Feather Stem 32- 1 stem (5 eyes)
38418 Ringneck Pheasant 20-24- 3 feathers
38426 Golden Pheasant 18-20- 2 feathers

Additional Supplies:
Acrylic Stones (turquoise)
Flexible green wire, curled
Mini Pinecones (3)
Wine glasses (2)
Wire Cutter
Glue Gun

Place one wine glass upright and one lying down. Using the wire (6 piece), tie the two glasses together. Remove clips from birds. Glue one bird on top of the wine glass that is lying down. Glue (1) curled ringneck feather and (1) golden pheasant feather to the stem on the wire connection. Glue second bird over the pheasant stems.
On the upright wine glass, glue (1) curled ringneck feather and (1) golden pheasant feather to the brim of the glass facing opposite direction of glass lying down. Hold until feathers are set. Once feathers are set, glue third bird on top of feathers.
Cut peacock eyes from stem and glue as pictured. Glue (3) mini pinecones on glass stem connection. Place acrylic stones in glass. Place curled wire in glass as needed.

Items Used for This Idea

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Ringneck Pheasant Feathers 20-24"(50.8-61 cm) Natural, 1 piece

Golden Pheasant Feather 18-20"(45.7-50.8 cm) Natural, 1 piece

Peacock Eye Feather Stem 32" (81.3 cm) total length, 18" (45.7 cm) stem, Natural, 1 piece

Fancy Glitter Bird 6.5" (16.5 cm) Green, Purple, Blue Assortment with Ribbon & Beaded Tail on clip, 1 piece

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