The Benefits of Crafting

For many people, crafting is a hobby that they try to make time for throughout the week, but it can be difficult, especially with our busy schedules. While doing crafts can be fun and allow you to express yourself creatively, there are many benefits that crafting can offer that you likely have never thought about!

No matter what type of craft you pick up, you can experience a bunch of different benefits. From knitting to painting to needlework, there are a number of different crafts that you can choose from. At Midwest Design Imports, Inc. we are a craft supplies wholesaler who can provide your local craft store with unique and popular craft items. We understand the importance of crafting and why these creative hobbies can make such a positive impact in people’s lives.

Whether you own a craft store or you simply love crafting, this blog is for you! Read on to learn more about the benefits that crafting has to offer and be sure to set aside some time to craft in your busy schedule.

Reduces Stress

Doing crafts can help to reduce stress by producing a calming effect that is similar to meditation. An article from Berkeley Wellness mentions a study that found a relationship between frequent knitting and feeling calm. Knitters reported the knitting was soothing and restful and provided them with zen-like qualities. Many knitters mentioned that knitting helped reduce stress that stemmed from work. For people with anxiety disorders, knitting helped many of them cope with stressful situations. The repetitive and rhythmic movements and focused attention create

Improves Mood

Since crafting can help reduce stress, it only makes sense that this hobby can also improve mood! In the study of knitters mentioned above, they also asked the knitters to rate their mood on a 7-point scale before and after taking part in knitting. The scale ranged from feeling “very sad” to “very happy.” a third of the knitters reported feeling happy before knitting while the rest reported neutral or sad moods. After knitting, a majority of people reported at least feeling a little happy. The study also found that knitting with other people could increase these benefits. Those with depression who knitted in a group reported feeling happier and having improved self-esteem.

Completing a craft project can also provide you with an improved mood. When you complete a project, whether it is knitting a blanket or building a birdhouse, you get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishments, which allows you to feel good!

Allows You to Be Present

When you craft, you are generally very present in the moment. Doing crafts gets you off your phone, away from social media, and puts you in a calming and relaxing moment. If you want to spend less time on your phone and more time doing something you love, adopting crafting as a hobby is a great place to start! The next time you are bored, instead of scrolling through Instagram for the 15th time that day, just pick up those knitting needles or a paintbrush and let your creative side flow!

Keeps You Young

When we think of certain crafts, such as knitting, we often associate them with an older crowd. But crafting, in general, has slowly gained popularity over the years and has become a fun hobby for people of all ages. One benefit of crafting is its ability to protect against aging. In an article from Fave Crafts, they mention a CNN story that discusses how creative activities can help protect against aging.

Neuroplasticity is the idea that our brains are flexible and can adapt to their environment. This means that activities that stimulate the brain can help to delay different conditions like dementia and cerebral atrophy.

Crafting is a unique activity because of its ability to involve different areas of the brain. These creative activities can help work your memory, as well as your attention span. Visuospatial processing, creative thinking, and problem-solving abilities are also used when you take part in a craft. If you are looking for different ways to keep your mind sharp and help your memory last, pick up a few crafts as your new hobby!

Helps Women With Eating Disorders

The Berkeley Wellness article mentions a small study that was done in Canada about eating disorders. This study included 38 women undergoing treatment for anorexia nervosa. These women were given supplies and knitting lessons and asked to report how the knitting affected them. About three-quarters of the participants stated that the craft reduced the intensity of their fears and obsession with their eating disorder. They also mentioned a calming and therapeutic effect. Over half of the women also said that the knitting provided them with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and satisfaction.

Learn a New Skill

Whether you have been crafting for years or you are looking to pick up a new hobby, this is a great way to learn a new skill. There are so many different types of crafts that you can pick up, learn, practice, and improve upon. Learning a new craft and developing a new skill is a great way to stimulate your mind.

Make New Friends

While many people enjoy crafting in their own free time, this is a great way to meet new friends and join more groups. Get together with a group of people who enjoy crafting and spend time getting to know them and sharing creative energy. If you are looking to expand your friend group, this is a great way to do it! Crafts are also a great way to spend time with people you are already friends with because it will keep you off of your phones and involved in the present moment.

Did some of these benefits of crafting surprise you? We bet you didn’t realize how beneficial crafting can be! It is amazing how something as simple as knitting can provide you with so many different benefits. Not to mention, you will love showing off your new artwork or blankets to your friends and family. Plus, crafts can make fun, personal, and unique gifts for those close to you! Who doesn’t want a masterpiece that you created just for them?

If you are looking for a new hobby, be sure to stop by your local craft store to pick up some new supplies and make crafting a regular part of your schedule. If you own a craft store, be sure to stock up on the best supplies by shopping Midwest Design Imports, Inc! We carry a ton of fun and unique craft supplies that you will love adding to your store.