Our Favorite Items For Spring

As the frozen world around us begins to thaw and we slowly pack up the winter and Christmas decorations that have been displayed around our home for way too long, it slowly starts feeling like spring! Spring is a wonderful time in which everything seems a little brighter and more cheerful, people seem more lively, and the great outdoors are fun once again.

If you own a local craft store in your town, you will want to prepare for spring by stocking up on all of the best items. People want to decorate their homes and yards with fun spring-themed items. They want to clean out their home of old clutter and add new decorations. They may even want to get crafty!

At Midwest Design Imports Inc., we can help you keep your store stocked with all of the best spring decor and craft items. As a wholesale craft supplier, we carry a huge variety of items that allow you to stock your store with the perfect items year-round.

As spring draws closer, we wanted to tell you about some of our favorite items that we think you should add to your store. Be sure to shop through our huge collection of spring items to find your favorites and become a member with us today!

Garden Flags

When spring rolls around, people spend more time outside enjoying the warm weather. They enjoy sitting on their porch relaxing with friends and family. One thing that people love adding to their yards for a fun and festive touch is garden flags! We carry a ton of different spring-themed garden flags that your customers will love adding to their yard.

Garden flags are a fun and easy way for people to spruce up their yards and give it that spring feel. We carry a ton of garden flags that are perfect for spring including a turtle riding a bike, a fox, and multiple flower options. Be sure to add some garden flags to your store and allow your customers to decorate their yards with these fun spring items.

Birds and Butterflies

Spring is also a time for an excessive amount of birds and butterflies! Some crafty people love making different things with unique pieces, such as the bird and butterfly clips that we offer. Add some of these fun pieces to your craft store and keep them in stock all spring and summer. Your customers will love the variety of bird and butterfly crafting clips you carry. These are fun items to add to wreaths and around the house to add a unique touch of the springtime vibes.


At Midwest Design Imports, Inc. we also carry a ton of miniatures that are fun and great for many different crafts. If you keep miniatures in stock at your craft store, you will need to add some fun spring-themed pieces to your collection. Give your customers a wide variety of options by adding our unique and fun miniatures to your store. We have everything from animals and benches to bridges and chicken coops.

These spring themed miniatures are a great option to keep in stock in your store. Since we carry such a huge collection of miniatures, you will be able to add new items to your collection no matter what time of year it is! Start your spring collection now and ensure your customers have all the miniatures they need for their warmer weather crafts.


While this may not be strictly a springtime craft, it is a fun and popular craft that people are loving right now. This means that you should keep your store stocked with the latest macrame items. Whether your customers want to make their own or they want one that is already done, stocking your store with macrame is important right now. Make sure your store has macrame string, beads, and other macrame items that are needed. Since this is such a popular craft currently, you will want to ensure that your store is always stocked with the best macrame items and we can help!


Warmer weather means flowers and bugs are out and about. While we don’t think you should stock living insects at your craft store, you should keep our fun and crafty insects stocked so your customers can enjoy these springtime vibes they can add to any craft. Midwest Design Imports, Inc. carries a collection of bumblebees, dragonflies, ladybugs, and spiders. These are fun crafty items to keep in stock during the warmer months so that your customers can add them to their unique craft projects.


When you shop Midwest Design Imports, Inc. you will likely notice that we love crafts and other items that include feathers! Feathers are a great item to always keep in stock in your craft store because they can be used for so many different things. As spring rolls around, add brightly colored feathers that people can use for their colorful and vibrant crafts. No matter what time of year it is, feathers are a great choice to keep in stock in your craft store, you can simply choose different styles and colors based on the season.

At Midwest Design Imports, Inc. we carry a huge selection of crafts, home decor, and other fun items that you should keep stocked in your craft store. These are only a few of our favorite springtime items that your customers will love! If you are looking for a wholesale craft supplier for your craft store, look no further! We can help keep your store stocked with the best in craft supplies and home decor items. Contact us to learn more!