Home Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Whether you own a local craft store or you are an avid crafter, we know that you spend hours thinking about your next craft, how you can reuse items in your projects, and how to make your own version of decorations you find in your favorite retail store. Crafting is a wonderful way to make your home decorations and create pieces of art that you can display throughout your home. 

There are many benefits to making your own decorations for your home, not only is it fun and allows you to express yourself creatively while taking part in one of your favorite hobbies, but it also allows you to save money and give your decorations a more personal touch. Plus, you can gain a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you look at your beautiful artwork hanging on the wall in your home. Why buy overpriced decorations when you can make your own?

At Midwest Design Imports, Inc., we can provide your local craft store with the best supplies and unique items that your customers will love. These items can be used to create home decor, wall art, and other pieces that you can proudly display around the home. From macrame supplies to packaged feathers, we have everything you need for your craft store.

If you are looking for some more craft ideas, this blog can help! We are going to be talking about home decorations that you can make on your own. Read on and start working on your next craft project to decorate your home with items you made! 


Macrame is a form of textile that is produced using a knotting technique. Macrame wall hangings have become more and more popular in recent years and they are simple to make! Plus, you can make more than just wall hangings! Make table runners, place settings, pillow covers, and other unique home decor items in the macrame style. You can even make macrame hanging plant holders! These plant holders and wall hangings can give your home a boho style that is beautiful and unique. While you can always buy a macrame wall hanging and simply add it to your home, making it is fun and gives you a sense of pride every time you look at it hanging in your home. 

Canvas Paintings

If you have ever walked through the home decor section of a retail store, you have likely seen a section full of beautiful canvas paintings. Many of these paintings are really nothing special, although they may be beautiful. But many of them are simply a mix of colors and lines, nothing too detailed or extravagant, and something you can certainly create on your own. These canvas paintings that you find in retail stores can get very pricey, which makes them not worth it, especially when you can make your own! All you need is some canvases, paints, and paintbrushes. Then you can create a beautiful piece of art that you can hang on your wall and make you feel accomplished. You don’t even need to be a talented painter to make your own canvas paintings — abstract art is often full of random colors, shapes, and lines. You can make a piece of art, just remember you are your biggest critic.

Quote Signs

Like canvas paintings, quote signs have become popular in home decoration in recent years. While you could go out and buy a quote sign, you could simply make your own and save money. Plus, when you make your own, you can pick the quote you want rather than picking from a limited selection they have at the store. All you need is a wood board or a blank wooden sign, which can be found at many craft stores. You will also need paint, a paintbrush, and letter stencils if you want the letter to be perfect. You can also freehand the letters to give them a personalized touch! When you make your own quote board, you can decorate it with special designs to make it truly one of a kind. Quote signs are easy to make and can be a fun project for the entire family!

Key Hooks

Key hooks are a useful home item that can also double as decorative pieces. Just like everything else, you can simply go out and buy a key hook that works for your needs and your family. They have all different kinds, including ones with mail holders, cubbies, and other features that can be useful. It can be simple to make your own key holder, however. Whether you simply get a slab of wood and add hooks to it or you build cubbies, paint it, and add hooks, and personalize it in other ways, you can make a key hook in no time! This is a fun craft that allows you to create something that fits your personal style and needs. 

Jewelry Hanger

A jewelry hanger may not really be considered a decoration, but it is something that is useful, stylish, and makes a great DIY project. Keeping your jewelry organized can be difficult if you don’t have a jewelry organizer or hanger. If you have necklaces and bracelets lying around your dresser, getting tangled, it is time to create your own jewelry hanger. If you have a boho styled home and love natural decorations, making a jewelry hanger can be as simple as finding a stick outside, tying twine to it as a hanger, and adding some hooks. You could paint the stick or decorate it with colored twine, feathers, and other fun supplies to give it a personal and artsy touch. No matter what your style is, you can design a jewelry hanger that can match your home’s decor. Even using copper pipe and adding a wooden stand can make a beautiful and stylish jewelry stand. 

String Art

String art is a fun and unique craft that can make a beautiful piece of home decor. For this decoration, all you need is a slab of wood, nails, string, a hammer, paper that is cut the size of the wood board, and a pencil. On the paper, you will draw an outline of the image you want to create with the string art. Then you will layer the paper over the board and start adding nails along the outline of the image. You will also add nails along the edges of the wood board. Once that is done, tear away the paper and start winding the string around the nails on the outside of the image. Make it creative and loop the string around nails to create different lengths of string and angles! This is a fun project that will look beautiful on your wall. 

These are a few of the many home decor items that are simple to make on your own and can help you add more style to your walls. Why buy decorations when you can make them? When you make your own decorations, you can ensure that they fit your style, have a personal touch, and feel proud to show it off! There are so many things that you can make and use as home decor items, these are only a few of our favorites. From mason jar vases to quilts and throw pillows, making your own decorations can be simple and more fun than simply shopping for these items! 

Hopefully, we gave you some ideas for your next craft project! We know we want to try some of these ourselves. If you want to stock your local craft store with all the best crafts, be sure to shop Midwest Design Imports, Inc. We can provide you with the unique and hard to find craft items that your customers want! Contact us to learn more and start shopping for craft supplies now.