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1" Traveling Gnomes, 1pc

1" Traveling Gnomes, 1pc

Product #55780

1" x .75" x 2.25" (2.5cm x 1.9cm x 5.7cm) One gnome has an orange hat on and a blue and white striped shirt and red pants. Has a long white beard and a pair of binoculars around his neck. Is also carrying a beige purse. One gnome has a red baseball cap on with a purple shirt and pink shorts. Has a long white beard and is carrying a camera around his neck and is also carrying a blue purse. One gnome has a red pointed hat on with a blue shirt and green shorts has a long white beard and is holding an ice cream cone.

Additional Info:
9pc, 3 styles-3 of each style in a 2 pc Styrofoam mold-bottom piece of Styrofoam is placed in a cardboard display box with artwork wrapped around entire box. Each fairy will have a UPC sticker placed on bottom.