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Miniature Bird in Hanging Glass

Posted by Midwest Design Imports, Inc.
Image Miniature Bird in Hanging Glass
50319 Hand Blown Glass 12.5" Black Stand with double hooks, 1pc
50926 Hand Blown Glass Hanging Heart 5 x 1.5" x 5" 1pc
50922 Hand Blown Glass Hanging Water Drop 5.5" x 3 1pc
30307 Turkey Fluffy Feathers Merlot 7GM 1pkg
38193 Guinea Fowl Wing Quills 7" 10pc
38129 Ringneck Pheasant Feathers 8-10" 6pc
38160 Ostrich Plume 5-8" Off White 2pc
40544 Stitched Hackle Trim Merlot 18 1pc
38197 Domestic Goose 6GM Natural 1pkg
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