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Campground and Lake Miniature Garden

Posted by Midwest Design Imports, Inc.
Image Campground and Lake Miniature Garden
Item Description
54071 Miniature Garden Solar Lime Green RV with Polk Dots, 8” 1pc
85106 Miniature Garden School Bus, 4.5” 1pc
50847 Miniature Garden Rustic Red Chair, 2” 1pc
50851 Miniature Garden Rustic Blue Tent, 4” 1pc
50711 Miniature Garden Yellow Flower 1.5" Stepping Stones 2pc
50831 Miniature Garden Pastel Blue Glider Chair 3" 1pc
50966 Mini Garden Iron Rustic Grill 1.5” 1pc
50808 Miniature Garden Red/White Umbrella 7" 1pc
50968 Mini Garden Iron Pink Pinwheel 4.5” 1pc
50970 Mini Garden Iron Lime Green Flip flops 1.25” 1pc
60008 White and Pink Striped Beach Towel, 1 pc
60024 Miniature Garden 4” Boat Set with Paddles and a Buoy, 4pc
60031 Miniature Garden 3” Green Hammock, 1pc
60023 Miniature Garden 2.75” Yellow Rain Boots, 1pc
50975 Mini Garden Wood Outhouse 3.5” 1pc
50802 Miniature Garden Wood Pile 2.5" 1pc
60034 Miniature Garden 2.75” “Welcome to the Lake” Sign, 1pc
50793 Miniature Garden Colored Flag Banner 5" 1pc
54065 1.5” Tan Drift Wood, 150grams, 1 pkg
50967 Mini Garden Iron Rustic Fire pit 2.5” 1pc
54041 Blue Sand, 80GRAMS, 1 pkg
54052 White Sand, 80GRAMS, 1pkg
50860 Miniature Garden Dog, 1pc
22984 Feather Mini Butterflies Teal 1" 2pc
50985 Green Glitter Pine Tree 5" 2pc
50990 Pine Tree Green 3.75" 3pc
50996 Green Bushes 2.25" 6pc
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