How to Decorate with Plants

Does your home need a fresh update? Try your hand at plant decorating. Plants are an effective way to add texture, color, and space to any given room – without worries of clashing or bad taste. This is why the “natural minimalism” aesthetic has become the latest design trend. It’s modern, chic, and effortless. Rather than adorning your home with paintings and sculptures, you use plants. They become the artwork, immediately livening up your space. 

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, placing plants inside your home provides many practical benefits to your own health. Having plants in a room will reduce toxins in the environment and improve air quality. Additionally, certain plants have aroma-therapeutic qualities. This can range from reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and energizing the mind. Not only will your home be looking it’s best – but so will you and your health. With all of this in mind, here are four ideas to inspire you, along with our own products to get you started.