Fun and Unique Feather Craft Projects

When it comes to crafting, there is no limit to what you can create. The creative mind is wonderful like that — it allows us to create beautiful and unique things that others may have never even imagined. Crafting gives you creative freedom and with so many different craft items and supplies, you can truly make just about anything!

At Midwest Design Imports, Inc., we can provide your local craft store with all the best supplies and unique craft items. One of our most popular items that we can provide you with is feathers! We carry a ton of different feather styles and items that you can use for your craft projects. Be sure to stock up your store with our huge variety of feather items.

Whether you are the owner of a craft store or you are an avid crafter, you may already have a few fun and unique feather craft ideas. However, if you would like some more inspiration, read on! In this blog, we are going to give you ideas for feather craft projects that you may want to try.

Wall Hangings

Whether you are making a macrame wall hanging or you are making a decorative piece that hangs from the ceiling, adding feathers can really make it pop and give your craft project a unique style. Add feathers to homemade mobiles, macrame, dream catchers, or any other piece of hanging art. This is a beautiful and fun way to add to your craft, give it some color, and create a unique piece of decor.

You can even add feathers to decorations you already have, which is an easy way to make it unique and more personalized. Buy a bunch of feathers in a style you love and simply hot glue them to a piece of twine to create a simple but gorgeous wall decoration that you can hang anywhere!

Jewelry and Accessories

Making your own jewelry is another popular craft that many people really enjoy. While you are making your own pieces, try adding some feathers to them! You can add feathers to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to give them a unique and beautiful style. Making your own jewelry is fun and allows you to create something that truly represents your style! Adding feathers is just another fun way to decorate and enhance your new jewelry pieces.

You can also add feathers to hair accessories. Add feathers to headbands, barrettes, hair scarves, and other hair accessories to give them a unique look. This is a fun way to create a more unique style and upgrade your boring hair accessories. Cover a large hair clip with feathers to create a beautiful and simple accessory that looks great in your hair!


If you have an old purse or clutch lying around that could use a style upgrade, try adding feathers! Whether you make a unique design or cover the entire thing with feathers, this is a fun and unique way to upgrade an old bag you may not use anymore. There are so many different styles of feathers that you will be able to find one that matches your style and works with the bag you are looking to decorate.


While this may fall under the category of wall hangings, we figured we would give it its own section since there are so many different types of feather wreaths you can make! You can use more natural-looking feathers to create a wreath that you can use year-round as the centerpiece above your mantel. Use feathers that match the style of your home and look elegant to create this piece of decor. You could also create feather wreaths for different holidays as a fun decoration that your kids will love. Midwest Design Imports, Inc. also offers already made wreaths, allowing you to simply decorate them for an event, holiday, or to add to a room in your home.


Feathers are also great when it comes to making costumes. From skirts to wings to crowns, feathers can be used to create a variety of different costume pieces. If you are creating a costume for Halloween, a play, an event, or just for fun, feathers can help give your costume a unique look. There are so many different costume ideas and pieces that you can create and improve with some fun feather detailing! If you enjoy making costumes for your kids or for yourself for different events, we suggest trying to add feathers to your next project. You can really get creative when you add feathers to the mix!


Feathers can also be used to make stylish and chic decorations. Whether you glue feathers to the outside of a vase or add them to a lampshade, they can really add to the overall look of a piece of decor. You can even glue feathers to stones and add them to a bowl or a basket in the middle of your coffee table. Add feathers to picture frames, wall art, statues, and any other decorations that seem to need something new. As a creative person, you will likely be able to make feathers work with anything!

At Midwest Design Imports, Inc., we can provide your local craft store with the best feathers and feather items for your crafts. Be sure to shop through our collections of packaged feathers and fashion feathers to find the items you want to stock in your store! Contact us with any questions you may have!