August Crafting Trends

Learning how to navigate a new normal has been the new normal for most Americans. We’re constantly being inundated with news, updates, and guidelines. Many of our traditional summer activities have been put to a halt. No longer is everyone flocking to the pool, hosting BBQ’s, or gathering at baseball games. Not all hope for summer fun is lost, though! Instead, we’re seeing how people have still managed to keep their summer fulfilling and adventurous. Rather than being out in a packed social scene, many are reverting back to solo hobbies for entertainment. Keep reading to find out what crafts have been trending for August.


Photo by Roselyn Tirado

1. Home Renovation

All those home DIYs you’ve been putting off for months or even years? You probably found the time to do them during quarantine. Home renovations have skyrocketed these past few months. Several factors have contributed to the popularity of this trend. We have extra time on our hands and the natural desire for a home sanctuary. Perhaps it’s pure boredom. We’ve seen this extend into the summer months. With the warmer weather, people have expanded their projects outdoors after getting the ball rolling indoors. There’s no limit to the kind of renovation projects you can take on. Visit the link below to find some inspiration on your next home DIY.

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Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho

2. Stress Reduction

Reducing stress is now more important than ever. During the quarantine months, most of us said goodbye to the competitive nonstop lifestyle – even if for just a temporary time. This was a moment of self reflection. Crazy workouts, draining side hustles, and social media obsession were put into perspective and pushed to the side during a global pandemic.

Instead, self care took priority and people began seeking activities to provide a kind distraction from the events taking place. Hobbies like painting, sewing, crafting, and gardening are all great to relax and unwind. Starting these projects spark creativity at a time it’s needed the most. Moreover, it’s been proven that this has the power to lift your mood and sharpen your mind. You will certainly see the positive effects this will have on all faucets of your life – not just art. Visit the link below to find the perfect hobby to keep your mind calm and your thoughts clear. 

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Photo by Barbara Bulbra

3. Gardening & Greenery

Natural minimalism. Eclectic boho. Sustainable. Environmentally conscious. These are just a few buzz words for a trend we’ve seen continue to rise over the past decade. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment and want to do their part to help. This love of plants and greenery has emulated into interior design, fashion, goods, and lifestyle.

Interestingly, we saw this dramatically increase during the pandemic. Initially, there was a need to bring a touch of nature and bring life into our homes if we couldn’t get outside. This is especially crucial for those living in major urban dwellings. Since then, plant and gardening supply sales have gone through the roof. Many households are also planting their own gardens this year. This is a great way to be friendly to both the environment and your wallet. Nothing tastes better than eating produce you’ve grown yourself! Visit the link below to get an idea of how to decorate with plants or start your own garden.

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