5 Simple Labor Day Party Ideas

It’s hard to believe, but Labor Day is already here to mark the end of summer and kick off the beginning of fall! While we navigate these unprecedented times, it’s important to celebrate the little things. Whether you’re throwing a BBQ, getting your last pool day in, or just enjoying your three day weekend, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

If you’re planning on throwing a Labor Day party, you’re in luck. This holiday is one of the easiest to decorate and prepare for. The only essentials are good food and a little red, white, and blue. Simply reuse your Fourth of July decorations – which shouldn’t be too hard to dig out. Keep reading to find get 5 simple, stress free ideas to make your Labor Day party one for the books.

1. Hot Dog Bar

Labor Day parties usually entails a BBQ or cookout of some kind. This year don’t just hand out the hot dogs straight from the grill – create a “make your own” hot dog bar instead! This is a fun way to keep your guests entertained while also having an excuse to make an awesome patriotic display. Take a cue from this display and play up the puns.

2. Star Balloon Wall

If you’re tired of the same old streamers and banners and want something new to try, look no further. Balloon walls are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. This fun new trend adds a beautiful pop of color and dimension into any space. You can’t go wrong with how you choose to arrange them. Your guest will be impressed by your sophistication and will likely take advantage of this perfect Instagram backdrop.

3. Patriotic Fruit Dishes

No Labor Day party is complete without plenty of fresh fruit. Show off some patriotism with your display! There’s plenty of room to get creative here. You could opt for red, white, and blue sweets while also arranging them in the shape of the flag, stars, and/or stripes to get the maximum affect. We also love the idea of throwing in a sweet and salty treat to the dish like these yogurt dipped pretzels.

4. American Flag Mason Jars

Who doesn’t love a good Mason Jar DIY? Here’s another to add your growing list. Paint some stars and stripes on your jars and you’ll have the perfect addition to your table top spread. Bonus points for red, white, and blue cutlery. No artistic ability needed!

5. Red, White & Blue Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers are still blooming – but not for much longer, so get them while you can. A floral arrangement will brighten up any surface at your party. To tie all your Labor Day decor together, create a floral arrangement that is red, white, and blue. You can have your flowers dyed or you can pick out naturally colored ones like these daisies and hydrangeas.